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Driven for Ward 3

About Jason Dodge

Dedicated to Guelph

Jason Dodge is a long time resident and active volunteer in the Guelph community. His wife Jessica and his children Siarra (16), Jordan (9), and Stephanie (6), are proud Ward 3 residents. 

Jason's contributions to Guelph come from a belief that "you invest in the community you live in". He has served as a volunteer coach in Guelph Minor Baseball, as a member of the Guelph Mercury Community Editorial Board, Autism awareness and advocacy campaigns, and Chair of the 2018 inaugural Home Runs for Hospice fundraiser in support of Hospice Wellington. 

Jason also serves on the Guelph Accessibility Advisory Committee at City Hall with a focus of creating awareness and removing barriers to accessibility and inclusiveness in our community.

Professionally, Jason is proud to be the Director of Facilities at Hospice Wellington in Guelph where he works with an amazing group of people. The care and compassion demonstrated on a daily basis at Hospice Wellington, coupled with the realities of balancing capital and operating budgets, exemplify the approach Jason will bring as your Ward 3 representative on City Council.

Driving Ward 3 Together

Ward 3. We need balanced representation.  I believe there is a critical element missing in our Ward representation at City Council: The daily realities facing families, seniors, and young professionals in Guelph.

Ward 3 housing affordability has changed. The average family home has changed. Dual incomes have become the norm because the pressures of raising a family, paying a mortgage, and keeping up with the cost of living has never been more challenging. It's this critical element of our community that I believe our representatives have lost touch with.  

20 years removed from raising a family, paying a mortgage, or having to stress about finding that extra $400/year to keep up with tax increases, our representatives are failing the large demographic who are being left behind in Ward 3.  

Gone are the days of purchasing our homes outright and retiring with comfortable indexed pensions to live on. It is no longer a reality for most of us, and yet it has gone unaddressed by our representatives.

It's time to acknowledge this reality and view modern day issues through a modern day lens.

It's time to be heard.

Our city has changed dramatically in the past 20 years, and it's now time for fresh representation in Ward 3.  Representation that leaves no one forgotten or ignored.

A vote for Jason Dodge is a vote for real representation and understanding on what "liveable" means in Ward 3. Now, and for our future.  For you and your family.  

Vote DODGE. Driven for Ward 3

We Live, Work & Play Here

A more liveable Guelph now with a sustainable future for us all.

LIVEABILITY:  Our day to day lives are directly impacted by the decisions made by city council. It's time to finally focus on improving the daily lives of those in our community.  Our roads, bike lanes, and walking trails need attention. Band-aid solutions for our transit system and core services can no longer continue. Outdated bylaws need to be reviewed and the bureaucracy and red tape stifling ingenuity and entrepreneurship in Guelph need to be pushed aside. How our tax dollars are spent needs to be held to greater accountability in order to provide us the confidence that value and services are addressing all of our needs in Guelph.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING: Our current representatives have been wildly inconsistent on this file. Saying "Yes" but voting "No".

This needs to stop.

I will vote to invest in affordable & accessible housing so our children's futures can be in Guelph. Re-zone our new developments now to include accessible and affordable housing.

PARKS & RECREATION: Our Ward 3 parks and sports venues have no champion at City Hall. Our representatives have sat silent on these vital elements of our Ward for years and now they are in dire need of investment.


Protect and utilize our parks. No more missed opportunities to attract tournaments and events to our city.  Give our kids a safe place to play and be proud of.

I'm committed to advocating for real investment in our Ward 3 parks and sports venues that will increase tourism and create sustainable revenues for our city.

Vote DODGE. Driven for Ward 3

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